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We Are the Future

Young people today are entering a world of tremendous obstacles and challenges. It's up to us to solve the problems of previous generations, while still finding an opportunity to chart our own course.

My personal mission is to ensure that every single young person has the opportunity to discover what they are truly capable of. 

I'm here to help you turn your Ambition into Action.

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What do I do?

  • Life Coaching

    Navigating life is challenging at any age. It's even harder when you're young. That's why Ben Jones Consulting focuses exclusively on helping those under 25 navigate the highs and lows of life.

  • Personal Development

    The highest yielding investment is the one you make in yourself. We help you develop as an individual so that you have the skills you need to thrive and prosper in our hyper competitive world.

  • Leadership Training

    Leadership is vital to success in every aspect of your life, but, there is a massive difference between being a leader and a manager. We'll give you the skills you need to lead in any situation.


How do I arrange my First Session?

Send me an email if you'd like to arrange a session. The First session is 15 minutes and completely free. We discuss your goals, objectives, dreams and challenges. We work on developing a plan that fits your individual needs. From there we'll set up additional sessions and build a plan that works for you. 

How can you help me?

No matter where you are currently in your life it always helps to have an objective third party help guide you along your journey. Whether you're only 16 but run a super successful business, or you're 22 graduating university with no idea what to do with your life, I promise to help guide you towards wherever it is you want to go. If I don't help you, not only have I let you down, I've failed in my personal mission, and I've robbed the world of all the value I could've helped you create. To find out more send me an email and let's arrange your free introductory session.

What's Your Background and Experience?

I'm still young myself, which is a large part about why I focus my attention on other young people. Ever since I was 12 I've run some type of business in some capacity. Along the journey I've had plenty of ups and downs, but one thing I've learned through all of it is that I have a passion and strength for helping other people. Finally after much consideration I decided that it was time to get into the business of helping other people maximize their potential.

As well In May 2018 I founded a Toronto, Canada based non-profit called Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges. Our mission is to help young people turn their ambition into action by having them partake in a life changing international program. Our first program is set to take place in July 2019 between students in Auckland, New Zealand and Toronto, Canada. Our program combines real world experience working with companies and government, as well as the same type of coaching offered by Ben Jones Consulting to help foster the next generation of great entrepreneurs.

All of this has lead me to where I am now, ready to help you change the world. To find out more about my back story feel free to check out my Linkedin page or my personal website

If you'd like your first session please feel free to send me an email!